At HBLA, we understand that estate planning is a critical process in preserving your hard earned assets, both to enjoy during your lifetime and to pass along to your loved ones.

Our experienced estate planning specialists are uniquely qualified to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to personalize your plan and develop the most effective strategy to attain your estate planning goals. The highly effective estate planning services we offer focus on wealth management and the complex relationships between estate, fiduciary and personal taxes which serve to preserve wealth, address complex family issues, and significantly reduce tax liability.


  • Identification of family objectives and needs regarding wealth preservation and the transference of wealth among family members.
  • Assistance in communicating and discussing your plan with your family to ensure there is a mutual understanding and commitment to your plan.
  • Assistance to a surviving spouse or other heirs.
  • Business succession planning for the ownership succession of your business and/or disposition of business interests.


  • Review of current wills, trust agreements, and schedule of net worth.
  • Estimation of estate taxes based on current tax law under current estate plans.
  • Assistance with the development of a strategy of various alternatives to the current estate plans and calculation of potential tax savings.
  • Structuring your estate to minimize estate and gift taxes including the development of a lifetime gifting program which utilizes various estate planning vehicles.


  • Assistance with the appropriate implementation and administration of the estate plan including postmortem tax planning.
  • Preparation of Federal estate and gift tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns.
  • Planning for assets with unique estate tax attributes, such as retirement plans and life insurance.
  • Identification of potential liquidity problems caused by estate taxes, debts, family business operating expenses, probate, administration costs, etc.

“Planning is the key to organizing your affairs, preserving wealth, and achieving financial security. We can help.”

“Planning is the key to organizing your affairs, preserving wealth, and achieving financial security. We can help.”